2016 Retrospective


Another year, another retrospective. This year was all about discovery for me. There was a fair bit of travelling I wanted to get done, which meant putting off a long-term career commitment. This was fine because last year I decided to ditch development and become a UX designer. Did I get anywhere this year? Let’s find out!

Back to Morocco

My previous visit to Morocco was incredible, but a bit rushed. This year I revisited this wonderful country with a lot more time spent in Essaouira. It was absolutely fabulous, but it’s just left me feeling like I need to go back again. There’s so many wonderful places to explore and it seems whenever I travel, I leave just as I’ve stumbled upon something new. There’s definitely another Morocco trip in me soon.

Closing down my start-up

It was an emotional ride but my first start-up, Paper Street Games Ltd is legally closed. Whist sales were there and slowly growing, I had no ambition to expand the company. All my attempts at major growth were failing and funding had dwindled. There was no way I could scale the company up without seeking more investment and committing to a longer future than I was prepared to do.

Freelance UI design

It’s tough to just “be” a UX designer. Half the battle is proving you know what you’re talking about. To build a portfolio showing knowledge of user experience I needed to start from the wire framing and prototyping stages. User interface design allowed me to do this, so I took on a series of freelance UI design roles. Once these projects have launched I can throw them up on my portfolio.

Travelling South East Asia

It had been on the hit list for many years. Finally I was in a position where I had a small amount of savings and no professional commitments. The second half of 2016 was spent backpacking around South East Asia and absolutely loving it! I won’t go into an absurd amount of detail, so you can read about individual places in their own posts. The route was:





  • Singapore



I am a delivery driver

My funds were rinsed by travelling and I am not in the technical mindset. It sounds weird to be writing this proudly on a public blog, but I have chosen to be a delivery driver. It’s only temporary, but I really don’t feel like returning to a desk at the moment. It’s actually quite an enjoyable job, minus the girls behind the counter laughing at me for being a delivery driver at this age. I’ll figure it all out in 2017 and write the retrospective to end all retrospectives!

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