2014 Retrospective


This year has been insanely busy. When I finished university I genuinely had no idea what life was going to become, but it turns out life kinda just throws opportunities at you. Some great (and some terrible decisions) have led this year to be incredible and I genuinely believe I’m positioned to keep the fun rolling! Warning: this post is going to mix the professional with the personal and it’s all going to be about ME.

My start-up got funded!

I started a mobile games company and sold 10% for a lump of cash, an awesome office and a wonderful support team. The next few months were spent churning away at some of my ideas, annoying the hell out of others in my incubator, procrastinating to a whole new level and acting like a top businessman to get free entry to fancy successful-people gatherings to eat their free food and drink their free beer.

Solo travelling!

A one-way ticket to get out of England. After a bit of partying in Marrakech, hostel friends convinced me to venture out a bit more and explore instead of being a boring, alcoholic Englishman. I hit the surf town of Essaouira where I spent my time kite surfing (badly) and went up into the Atlas Mountains with a camel. I headed back to Marrakech for a bit more partying (and random rooftop businessmanning), before realising I was getting no work done. England was an unfortunate reality and I had to return.


Back to England for work purposes and it got boring immediately, so whilst drunk my old uni housemate and I decided we had to bugger off. A few weeks of Skype and we were on our way to Eastern Europe for reasons that weren’t too clear. We went to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia & Bulgaria. I don’t want to talk about them all here, so I’ll throw up some posts and link to them at some point.

I smashed my life apart

Back in England and work resumed as usual. Then I fell. Sat on a ledge whilst drunk, I leant back with nothing to lean on and flew through the air like a majestic hippopotomous. My skull bounced off the concrete and pissed blood all over the street. If it wasn’t for the ambulance, I would probably be dead. After too long in hospital having CT scans and what-not I still get a bit of memory loss and struggle to type. Not good.

Eurogamer Expo!

I attended a plethora of weird and wonderful events this year (in the name of business), but this was my first trip to a major gaming expo; EGX. Since I was a child I’ve wanted to attend a large AAA games event, so whilst this was not E3, it was bloody fantastic! The show was followed by an afterparty with an open bar hosted by Sega, Turtle Beach and a bunch of other companies. I made a wide range of helpful business contacts, got loads of free stuff and drank too much. I accidentally left a bag of free stuff on the London Underground so some lucky bugger found ~£500 worth of games and accessories.

There was definitely plenty of other cool stuff I forgot about, but it’s New Year’s Day and I am either hungover or still drunk, so I’ll take the length of this post as a win and sketch out some outrageous plans for 2015!

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