Wizards vs Aliens 2

Playing as Tom and Benny fans embark on a thrilling adventure to recover an ancient magical item The Eye of Bashtarr – before the Nekross can get their hands on it! The players aim is to work their way through a series of fun, fast paced puzzles in as quick a time as possible, picking up collectables along the way to gain scores. The levels are split into three episodic chapters and are all set in a beautifully crafted digital Wizards Vs Aliens environments.

The Brief

Support the launch of the new series of Wizards vs Aliens on CBBC by creating a fun and fast paced scrolling puzzle platformer that which seamlessly blends drama (written by the TV show script writers) with gameplay.

Our Approach

We created a series of fun, addictive and progressively challenging puzzle based levels all held together by an engaging story with all the drama you would expect from an episode of the show. The games will not only increase brand engagement from the existing audience but will also provide fun, on brand, exciting entertainment.

My Role

Joining the team at Aardman as a Game Designer started out as visual level layouts. Once the worlds looked beautiful and luscious, I was then tasked with adjusting the difficulty curve. With a young target audience I had to ensure progression was relatively easy, with each level building up to a final challenge. Minor adjustments like platform spacing made a huge difference to the overall feel of the gameplay.