Snapscope is a feature to promote engagement within Snapchat Stories. Aside from interactive adverts following the final entry to a Snapchat Story, the only real interaction users currently have with stories is the ability to reply to certain segments. The brief was to create another way to communicate through Stories, so I decided that bringing the popular “social polling” trend into the experience would benefit both the creator and consumer of the content.

My Approach

Having some previous experience in social polling with Catsup I knew users would appreciate responding with their opinion as fast as possible, which meant avoiding the use of reading, writing and lists. Another things I wanted to steer clear of was defining the feature as “polling” and introducing it as a way to poll under the guise of something more fun. After experimenting with different swipe methods and voting options it became apparent that all users really needed was a way to say “THIS ONE” on something, with content creators adding options as story segments rather than creating a poll with individual options.

How is this polling?

It’s easy to see this feature and think “that’s not a poll, it’s a like feature” – which is how I want it to feel for people casting votes. Tapping a small heart is quick and easy, without feeling like a real commitment to a choice. From the content creator’s side it actually represents opinions from viewers, though.

Stats for creatives

The view from the content creator can clearly show which images users are enjoying or voting for. If the first image in a story is labeled with a question, the following snaps in a story would be considered as answers, so when the likes come flooding in they would be considered as “votes” for that answer. This feature was later implemented in a “back to school” promotion for a major supermarket through the Snapchat platform.