Polling and feedback for the snaps you love.

Love what you like

Snapscope is a feature for Snapchat that allows you to hit a “like” button on people’s Snapchat stories to show appreciation for their snaps.¬†With Snapchat’s current story system users must send a snap to their friends if they want to respond to their stories, but this is often overkill when all you want to do is show that you “like” their story. A simple heart button in the top corner of the screen allows for one-touch feedback to Snapchat stories.


Feedback snaps

Snapscope also allows users to request feedback and hold polls via Snapchat stories by uploading multiple snaps to their story for users to “love” their favourite snaps in the story. The results can be seen by expanding your Snapchat story with a “love count” next to each snap in the story. The idea of using Snapchat stories for polling stemmed from popular figures using Snapchat for feedback on pictures in their stories. This can be used for feedback on any number of things, as shown here with a choice of outfits for the day:



My first service API

Since university I have created many online services, but haven’t had to touch a major API for years. Developing this project was a choice I made to practice implementing the API of another app and the process was straightforward. I had worried that the provided APIs at university were dumbed down for ease of use and in real-world I would struggle with API integration, but the docs were easy to follow and this project gave me confidence going forward to use more major APIs. Since this app was created Snapchat has adjusted their policies and API so the prototype is no longer functional.