A light hearted, yet powerful account of life with a serious illness.

My Role

When I was approached by Jon Clarke, the author of Shituation, the goal was simple; create a website for interested parties to purchase his new book. There was no CMS required, just a clean, lightweight static website that informed the audience when the book was released, an overview of Jon’s journey and an easy means to buy the book. I created a simple HTML5 website to accomplish this.


Understanding The Author

University Of Plymouth Press had published a book about Jon Clarke; a man with a life changing illness that spent most of his time on the toilet. Before the book’s release I spoke to Jon about his web prescence and after a few interesting discussions it was obvious he was a light-hearted young man with a very clean and professional feel. This was reflected in the design of the website, in the hopes of portraying himself and his creation in the style of the site.