Design and purchase Nike merchandise.

My Role

A complete overhaul of the NikeID website created in Flash called for a user interface designer to create a unified interaction method. In short; a series of buttons and navigational tools that reflected the brand, the product and the journey users would be taking whilst customising their products. My role was creating an extensive asset library in Flash that could be fed data and react to the product in question. I was fullfilling the role of a freelancer tasked simply with creating a button library for the new website.



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Small and clean

The product imagery was the main content and load times were predicted to be quite high with these images being loaded in. It was essential to make the buttons stand out so users knew where they were on their journey and where to go next, but effects had to be minimal to increase the speed of the application. I kept everything compact with basic one-colour vector buttons. The colour palette had been chosen for me already, but limiting all assets to just two of these colours (active and inactive) drastically reduced the number of assets being used.


Design on-the-fly

Due to the “small and clean” requirement, this project meant learning how to create a style class and apply it to assets “on the fly” – something I had never done before within Flash. This was much more challenging than creating style classes in CSS, although followed the same principle. Since learning how to do this, I have utilised it in many client projects to speed up production and keep end products lightweight.