Create a beautiful and functional CV using nothing more than your LinkedIn profile. LinkedPrint offers an extensive catalogue of professional designs that allow your experience and information to be plugged in and exported as a PDF or other rich text document.

Linking LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn allows us to display all relevant information about our abilities and contact potential employers and employees. The only real issue is one that stands across all digital products; the transition. Whilst we can apply for jobs and show off our professional profile via LinkedIn, sending off a CV is still very much part of the process when seeking new positions. LinkedPrint is a digital solution for that traditional step – it allows you to have a high quality, informative and stunning CV to send out without the effort of producing one yourself.

Development struggles

Designing LinkedPrint was exciting. Developing LinkedPrint was tough. Using LinkedIn’s APIs was limiting, so a very tacky page-scraping method was used. Unfortunately with LinkedIn’s 2016 redesign, my web app was broken. Multiple print designers were on-board offering both free and premium CV designs through LinkedPrint, but the sales were low. Users opted for free designs over 98% of the time. Whilst working on a new method for monetisation and onboarding designers, the LinkedIn redesign destroyed the app. It would be exciting to revisit the app with a stronger developer to help create a sturdy product, but for the time being I have taken LinkedPrint offline.