Convert your LinkedIn profile into a beautiful CV.

Beautiful, effortless resumés

Standing out amongst a pile of competing job candidates can be tough. People are now able to contact whoever they please with the push of a button, which means when a position becomes available, an employer will likely have plenty of applicants flooding through their inbox. LinkedPrint helps people make their CV stand out by offering eye-catching templates from professional designers all over the globe. All you have to do is sign in using your LinkedIn account and select a CV design – LinkedPrint does the rest for you.



Designer creations without a designer

The idea for LinkedPrint comes from the endless hours creatives spend re-making their CV after being part of a project or company that bumps them up a notch professionally. When you’re looking for your next career step, there’s a very strong chance the CV you sent out last time around is no longer the greatest summary of your skills and experience. For many creatives, this means starting from scratch with a new CV, as the previous one was designed specifically around the content it holds. LinkedPrint saves the time of designing a new CV so you proceed with the most important step; putting yourself in front of people.