Bottled Up

Drop messages for others to find!

Bottle it up and let it go

Write a message and drop it where you are. When another user passes the location you dropped your message, their phone will vibrate letting them know there’s a message in a bottle here. They can open it up and have a read – with no idea who dropped it or when. Bottled Up is an interesting location-based anonymous messaging service I built as a learning exercise.


Learning to use geolocation

Experimenting with geotagging and various location-based services was part of my university course that I really wanted to explore further. I also had a lot of interest in social messaging and anonymity on the web, which led to the development of this app. Unfortunately it never launched because I would need it to have a strong launch in densely-populated areas, which I lack the resources to accomplish.


Exploring the idea further

This is an idea I still develop upon. New features and user journeys are always coming to mind and I would like to revisit the project in the future. I have a great interest in the gamification of many products and services we use already and I think location-based gamification has a huge future. I like how Bottled Up turns social messaging and secret-sharing into a fun real-world adventure. Hopefully the opportunity to continue work on this app will come sooner rather than later!