I create digital experiences that encourage play

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    Hello, I am Joe Willmott

    I am a creative UX and UI designer with a background in development and business. Turning complex problems into beautiful, useable products is my specialty. My goal is to lead users to their destination via natural journeys and responses that encourage play.

How did I get here?


Creative Producer – UNIT9

Finishing product features, production, marketing, business management and breathing life into products.

DEC 2016 – APR 2017

Freelance – Various Clients

UI design, wireframing and rapid prototyping for a variety of digital start-ups, honing my UX-related skills.

AUG 2016 – NOV 2016

Travel – Southeast Asia

Visited temples, trekked up volcanoes and kayaked around crystal clear waters before preparing for my next career step.

JUL 2015 – JUN 2016

UX Lead – Paper Street Games

Prototyped, redesigned and launched modern iterations of the company’s leading mobile products for current audiences.

MAY 2015 – JUL 2015

Travel – North Africa

Revisited Morocco to explore places I had not managed to visit previously before venturing over to Tunisia.

JAN 2015 – APR 2015

Mobile Developer – Sparkol

Created a tablet version of Videoscribe; the company’s leading video-creation software, alongside another developer.

MAY 2014 – DEC 2015

Travel – Morocco & Eastern Europe

Took my rst solo-travelling leap and saw what the world has to offer. This is when travelling became part of my life.

JAN 2014 – APR 2014

CEO – Paper Street Games

Landed an incubator place and secured investment to create a company and launch a few casual mobile gaming titles.

OCT 2013 – NOV 2013

Game Designer – Aardman

Created game layouts and user journeys for the web game Wizards vs Aliens 2 to accompany the BBC’s new series.

SEP 2009 – SEP 2013

Digital Art & Technology – Plymouth University

Learned about the Internet Of Things, how to design / code real-world products and digital art installations.


Greatness stems from ideas. It’s important that the fundamentals are well defined.


Knowing where to find an audience and how to engage them is crucial.


Bringing the concept to life by understanding users and creating a story.


Complex processes and joinery to achieve success and functionality.


The right UI leads a product to success through clarity of use.


Discovering real-world patterns and adjusting to increase user retention and grow.