Yeezy taught me

This year, Yeezy Taught Me

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I have only played Kanye West for one whole year. It’s been really bloody tough and it’s all due to my New Ye’s Resolution. Why did I do it? Well that’s kinda hard to explain. I’ve always enjoyed Kanye’s music, but never thought of it as “good music”. I’ve also always seen the man as a bit of a dick. This year has changed my mind on all of these things. 2017 has been the first year I pursued genuine adult goals with real conviction and I can honestly say that this year; Yeezy taught me.

What has Yeezy taught me?

Summarising it would be tough; I am hammered right now. Overall I’ve just put more thought into things, nurtured them whilst they’re thoughts, and pursued stuff. Professionally I have been very driven this year and goal-oriented. It sounds silly, but it’s been more Kanye than me. I’ll sum it all up in my 2017 Retrospective post.

I’ve missed lots of other music

Both in the sense of craving music I love and new releases I haven’t been able to listen to. Kendrick, Tyler, Jay-Z, Future… the list goes on (young me would’ve been mad for Em). The thing is, it hasn’t been horrible. Kanye has grown on me and his albums are such wonderful narratives of completely different aspects in life, so there’s always been a suitable soundtrack to my mood. This is one of the many reasons Kanye West is incredible; once you dig into his music properly, you’ll understand how and when to enjoy it. When you’re enjoying his music, you’re probably enjoying whatever you’re doing at that specific time.

First song of 2018?

What I will listen to first entirely depends on my mood. I spent a long time thinking about it and planning how to break into 2018 with something fresh. I’ve flip-flopped a lot and the song I crave a lot recently is Indian summer by Stereophonics. Part of my wants to take what Yeezy taught me and show everyone… by forcing a night of Kanye upon them. What a dick move that’d be. I’ll update this post with what actually went through my ears as the clock struck 2018.

EDIT: When 2018 started the whole party just played Runaway over and over and over. It was fantastic.

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