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Travel every month in 2018

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You may have read about my new year’s resolution for 2017 where I only played music by Kanye West. It was great. This year I’m not setting a strict resolution, but an aim to explore more; I want to travel every month. If you follow my blog you know I’m constantly struggling to find the right balance between my career and adventure. This year I aim to continue working full-time. As much as I love professional independence, there’s a lot of stress relief knowing you’ve got a semi-secure monthly income. There’s also the added bonus of having found an agency that is always teaching me, whilst allowing me to experiment.

Travel Every Month

So how am I going to keep working full-time whilst getting back on the travel hype? My plan is to travel abroad every month. Making the most out of weekends, bank holidays, days off and the company’s lovely remote work policy should make this doable. Hopefully.

Will it be possible?

I’ve got pretty darn good at finding affordable flights and accommodation. Luckily, I also live rather near the airport. Financially it will be a little tough, but now I actually have a secure job it should be fine. Finding suitable destinations will likely be the toughest part, but I have some adventures that are long overdue. So that’s it; a foreign adventure every month of 2018. It’s exciting to think I will finally be getting round to crossing off some of these exciting experiences jotted in my notepad! Without my notes I would probably struggle to travel every month, because on the spot it’s easy to list interesting countries, but not full travel ideas.

Will it be fun, though?

The other aspect making it tough to travel every month will be burnout. There’s a high chance I run out of energy or motivation after a few months. That’s why I relate this goal to a new year’s resolution; there could be a wall. A new year’s resolution isn’t about doing something because the year has a new number assigned, but because it’s something that is tough to stick with in the long term. I know this goal will be tough to see through. Hopefully, if I make it a year, it will become a regular part of my life that can continue long after 2018 and change the way I live for the better.

Travel blogging inconsistency

Many bloggers struggle with this same problem. I have pages upon pages of posts I want to write-up, but find myself lacking the time to write them “just right”. I never want to approach a post wrong, but I think this year may see quite a few quick posts. Often my posts will miss details because it’s more important to share experiences than brag about the details. Hopefully by simply telling the world about how I travel every month, it will inspire others to take the leap and get out there. So here we go, I am researching the first trip of the year… although by researching I pretty much mean doing a few searches on Skyscanner.

Expect many posts to follow.

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