Platform 14

Train station gamification.

Where is Platform 14?

Bristol Temple Meads railway station is the main transport hub of the city of Bristol, but many commuters may have noticed; there is no platform 14. Instead, the platforms skip from 13 to 15. So what happened to platform 14? In 1965 it was turned into a panel and signal box controlling 280 signals and becoming the largest signal box on the UK rail network at the time.


What is Platform 14?

We all do it; stand at the edge of our platform when the train arrives, then begin strafing to align ourselves with the door when the train slows down. Platform 14 is a location-based mobile game where players stand in position on their train’s platform in an attempt to guess where it will stop. The closer a player stands to where their carriage and door are, the more points they earn!


How does it work?

Sensors are fitted to the underside of the platform edge and data is fed into the game about your train’s carriages (how many of them and their length). Platform 14 is able to pinpoint where each carriage begins and ends when the train has arrived, as well as the location of the doors. Players pick a carriage and stand in position awaiting their train, whilst their phone’s GPS position determines if they have chosen correctly upon their train’s arrival. Points are awarded depending on how accurate the player’s guess was.


This project was for a Bristol City Council brief to encourage play in and around Bristol. Imagery for the project is currently unavailable (I’ll sort that out when I have a minute).