Modern Human Rights


Every human should have the rights to three things: accommodation, communication and nutrition. Let me be clear: I don’t mean the latest and greatest luxury versions of these rights. These three things are my opinion of modern human rights and the ability for everyone to have access to these (from birth, for free, forever) is a goal we should be aiming for. The future of humanity & technology depends on the direction and implementation of these simple rights, but the definition of these is fuzzy, which is why I am not including the fourth; transport.

Will transport ever be included?

What do people define as transport? Why “transport” rather than “travel”? Why isn’t walking enough? The line which defines transport is too blurred for me to define. I am a strong advocate of travel and exploration, but for the time being I cannot find a correct way to include this aspect of living in my vision. I also think it’s not necessarily suited as a “right” at the moment. One day I’ll set some rules and revise this post with transport included. Maybe.


This is not homes for the homeless, this is homes for everyone. This is not government-funded council housing, this is the existence of housing at the expense of nobody (or everybody!?). It’s one of the hardest things to understand how it will work. Eventually, it will be a case of excess “minimal” housing available to everyone, always. It’s also the one I think will take the longest to deliver.┬áThe minimal housing for everyone aspect will bring with it a lot of destruction. There will be significant damage on the hospitality industry. There will be a change in the way landlords and rental properties operate. These things will still exist but will become a luxury.

What I mean by “minimal accommodation for everyone” is nothing more than a private space. Ownership will still be earned. Amenities will remain optional extras at a premium. Four walls, basic security (locks?), enough hygiene to prevent illness (sewage?)… this is truly the minimum required to survive in a property. To begin with, the movement for housing for everyone will need a kickstart from either large companies or various governments. I believe one day minimal housing will be an infrastructure that very much just exists and is maintained by humanity as a natural part of our existence. This is definitely something I intend to research and explore further – probably for the rest of my life. It’s coming, but absolutely no time soon. All we can do at the moment is take steps to realise this future.


In earlier days I imagined this modern human right as “the internet”. Over time I realised this was just a platform for delivery and the real human right could be classed as information. With a few more years of thought applied it has transformed again to communication. We already have natural forms of communication in speech, gestures, writing and more… but I see the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time as the real goal here. The internet provides what’s necessary for this, we just have to provide the internet.

From these three modern human rights, I think communication is the one that our species is making the most progress with. We have tech billionaires providing the internet worldwide via satellite. We have companies competing to provide the best internet in our homes and on devices we carry everywhere with us. We have figured out how to provide communication to everyone, but we need more entities on-board to assist in reaching the world.


It’s pretty self-explanatory. Food and water is something we will always prioritise to exist, like every creature. One day it won’t be a case of earning it, though. There are parts of the world where people’s lives are dedicated to earning the fuel their body needs to keep going – that won’t be the case. Of course nutrition comes in many forms and factors, but I am talking about food and water. There are many start-ups that offer alternatives; pills and powders to mix with water that provide the nutrition we need. The problem with how we get our current nutrition is that we have to work for it. Why? There are plenty of things we don’t need that are simply supplied. My mind cannot even begin to comprehend the steps it will take to provide “minimum nutrition” to everyone, always… but it has to happen. It should happen first. It should’ve already happened. Hey, it’s a weird world and we’re a bit of an odd species.

Cryptocurrency is key

Providing the three essentials listed above will come at a cost, but only to create the infrastructure to supply it all for free. This post has definitely gone on for far too long already, so I won’t go into too much detail here. I believe cryptocurrency (or a future evolution of it) will be the backbone behind providing these things to the world. I don’t mean Bitcoin or Dogecoin, but something that hasn’t arrived yet. Mark my words; cryptocurrency will one day open the doors to providing accommodation, communication and nutrition to the entire world – at the cost of nobody, as a modern human right.

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