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I just landed funding for my start-up!


Now seems to be the best time for me to start writing a blog, as I’ve just been offered seed funding from Webstart Bristol! It’s been two months since I finished working at Aardman and during that time I’ve had my eyes glued to various books and videos trying to hone my mobile game development skills. I’ve had a lot of mobile game ideas rattling around in my head over the years which I can now experiment with…

What’s my start-up idea?

Well actually, there were a few. Applying for Webstart was a simple online form in which you have to pitch your business idea and list your partners. I didn’t really have a clear idea I wanted to run with, but rather a few very early concepts I would like to try out if the time and money arrives. After pitching multiple ideas in the boardroom, the investors and mentors asked “Joe, what do you do?” – to which I blurted out an overly rehearsed oral CV. Once they had evaluated my ideas and my history, the group offered to fund me for… opening a mobile games development studio. It’s not overly exciting in terms of innovation, but it gives me the opportunity to approach some of my more out-there game ideas with the backing of mentors and investment.

So what did I get?

£XX,XXX, 3 months in a super wicked awesome office, a “support team” of developers and designers to use as I see fit, a business mentor and access to a bunch of wonderful start-up benefits. What did I give away? 10% of my new company – Paper Street Games Ltd. This company name reflects the upcoming projects; games that have only existed in notebooks and my brain… until now! Hopefully I’ll keep this blog alive and share my journey, but doesn’t everyone set that goal and stop blogging after a week? We’ll see how it goes but I promise nothing.

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