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Blog posts, videos, e-books and infographics are all over the place. There’s information available freely to us all about anything we care to learn. The problem with this, is that you can also prove/disprove absolutely ANYTHING because somebody, somewhere, has written something either for or against whatever the subject is. Below are a few e-books I have found helpful over the years. I’m not saying they’re all gold, but they have all been somewhat helpful to me, and I hope they will be to you, too.

  1. 17 SEO myths you should leave behind in 2016 (HubSpot)
  2. The right mobile development environment for a higher ROI (testdroid)
  3. The fundamentals of mobile game development and testing (testdroid)
  4. 3 ways to build an efficient mobile development team (testdroid)
  5. 5 things to consider when adopting mobile test automation (testdroid)
  6. 15 qualities of a superb mobile app tester (testdroid)
  7. How to build a million download mobile game (testroid)
  8. How to build large scale in-house device labs (testdroid)
  9. Keyword Optimization (Elvado Rossi)
  10. Increase the ROI with the help of mobile test automation (testdroid)
  11. App Promotion Guide (Mobilispot)

If you find any of them useful or interesting, throw the author a follow or see if they have any services you’re interested in. Most e-books are just glorified ads, after all!

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