UX, Web Dev

Tuzdy was an “I can’t sleep, let’s play with e-commerce scripts” project that had absolutely blown up by the following evening. To this day I still don’t know where the surge of customers came from, because I had fallen asleep long before adding any tracking or analytics. I was simply experimenting with adjusting different pre-made WordPress plugins and e-commerce was an area I could pluck out plenty of content. By the time I fell asleep I had created a basic catalogue, register, add to cart and checkout system with placeholder items fed in from eBay (at 120% of their original price). Tuzdy became a profitable dropshipping website by accident and has required little attention to maintain ever since. I intend to slowly build this website to be manageable from my phone whilst travelling the world, with the plan to scale up when I return. The website can be viewed at Tuzdy.com

Club Vision

Web Dev

Located in Weston-super-Mare, Club Vision is the hottest nightspot in town. Under new management they were expanding rapidly and needed a website to showcase upcoming acts and allow for customers to book VIP tables, check out events, put their name on the guest list, purchase event tickets and check out the club’s social media posts. I created an incredibly simple website to cover these functions, with the design as empty as possible to accommodate the promotional imagery that they would upload for new events and venue features. The problem with filling this site with design features and effects early on was the design clashing with event-specific imagery created by their design team. My version of their website was front-end only, with imagery and ticketing being changed via an XML file rather than a real database and CMS. As their offerings expanded and became more complex, they had the website remade to allow for deeper customisation and a full-CMS on their side. Their current website can be viewed at clubvisionwsm.com

Northshore Construction

Web Dev

Northshore Construction Limited is a reputable NHBC registered building and property maintenance company covering London and the Home Counties. When seeking a web prescence they wanted something clean, modern and easy to navigate. Although not my usual kind of client, their needs seemed relatively simple and as a front-end and logo were their only demands, it was a suitable straight-out-of-uni contract for me. The owners had a few websites in mind they wanted to imitate, leaving me with little design-freedom, however I added my own hints of glimmer and shine with subtle HTML5 and javascript effects to create a website that stood above their competitors and they were incredibly pleased with the end result. The website can be viewed live at NorthshoreConstruction.co.uk