Bar Voyage

Plan pub crawls and explore.

My role

I joined the CookiesHQ team as the UI / UX Designer to redesign their pub crawl app Bar Voyage. An early version had already been developed so I was able to get a feel for the app and its purpose, then I was tasked with redesigning it from the ground-up as the original version had been designed by their developers.


Mobile Design

Following some clean mobile design specs and basic user assumptions, I whipped up some mobile prototypes in Sketch with some rather straightforward journeys to suit the target audience:

Creating for web

Like most mobile apps, a landing page was also required to market the app, but also to function alongside the mobile version to give users a taste of the product and enhance it. Using Sketch again to create some mock-ups, I decided to dedicate 100% of the user’s monitor to a web-app version of Bar Voyage upon arriving at the page, until they scroll down to see some general information, help and store links. The web version of the app works in the same way as the mobile version, but with some user interface adjustments to accomodate a wider screen, slightly deeper crawl-editing abilities, the option to share your crawl to mobile and altered input interfaces for regular desktop peripherals.