2017 will be productive


I am hammered. I’ve already posted my 2016 Retrospective and my New Ye’s Resolution, but I’ve just got home from winning my second World Cocktail Championship title and feel pretty ambitious/motivated. Skimming through previous retrospectives with incredibly dizzy eyes I have realised something; time feels far more positive with goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal fun or career-centric, goals create reason. With this in mind, I shall declare 2017 a career-oriented year. Here’s what I will do to ensure 2017 will be productive:

Wrap up some projects

There’s a few little projects I worked on in 2016 with high hopes. Usually I would analyse the stats and decide what’s worth improving on. The majority of January will be spent making sure these things simply work. Although I had bigger plans for things like Gobot Run, I think leaving them to just exist will have to do. I have progress to make which can’t be done spending time on what is essentially a bit of a gamble.

Be an agency intern

Alongside polishing some previous projects, I intend to apply for agency internships in January. Many people say agency work is soul-crushing, but I think that’s due to choosing the wrong agencies or having different goals. Sure, my life’s ambition isn’t to be doing client work… but there’s a lot to soak up from it. It’s also much easier to find work when you’ve got some agency experience. Throughout January I will apply for agency internships and hopefully land one or two short stints at somewhere useful.

Get an agency job

It’s been a while since I had a real job. Freelancing and independent work is enough to exist, but not to progress. Following a local agency internship or two I plan to move somewhere exciting (hello London) and make some waves. Big name clients, weird and experimental projects are the goal. Transitioning from development to UX is my aim with these positions.

Move to London

Bristol rocks. I want to BE Bristol. But a few trips to London have taught me it’s an absolute fantasy to say Bristol is better than London. There’s no comparison. Bristol can win all the awards it wants; London is London. I need to do my time and 2017 will be productive so there’s no better time!

Get a better job

With some big names and cool projects to show off, I want to quickly climb the UX ladder. I know what I’m doing, but proving it will be a struggle. Switching from a developer career path to a UX career paths almost starting again (hence the internship). My background in business and ability to run a project from concept to live product will come in useful here. I want to move up from what I see as a “junior” position to something a little more real. This is where I want to be by Q3. It’s not realistic in any way whatsoever, but I am rather impatient so let’s go for it!

Buy a house

Well, not really. Many well-paid jobs over the years have let me hit the point at which I can afford the deposit only for me to get bored, quit and eat the money through my own bizarre methods. This year I hope to work real jobs often enough to save up that deposit in an entirely new discipline and keep working to build on it. The ability to buy a house is the important thing, but realistically I don’t see myself buying anything this year… I just want to know I can.

Plan for Death Year

Well here’s something I am feeling drunkenly passionate about. It’s definitely a subject for another day, though. This all depends on if I pull it off; if 2017 will be productive or not.

2017 will be productive

Considering I wrote this VERY drunk, I have done rather well according to my SEO assistant. Excuse the header photo. It does say I need to include the post title in a h2 though, so here it is. Shut up, I do what I want.

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